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Children's Class Information and Taster Session Booking

Taster sessions are £5 and then fees are paid by direct debit every calendar month and are averaged over the year. We are closed 1 week in October, 2 weeks at Christmas, 2 weeks for Easter, 1 week in May and 4 Weeks in Summer and run a variety of optional holiday activities. 

Number of classes per week - Price Per Month
One class per week - £15.38
Two classes per week - £27.34
Three classes per week - £35.88
Four classes per week - £47.84
Five classes per week - £59.80
Six classes per week - £71.50

Once the participant has been attending the selected class for two weeks it is compulsory that the correct uniform is worn. Uniform can be purchased from our in store shop or can be sourced yourself as long as it is the correct colour and style. 

Baby Ballet
Pink tutu, pink tights or socks, pink cardigan (optional) pink ballet shoes

Primary and Junior Ballet/Tap
Purple skirted leotard, pink tights, pink Ballet shoes/Black Tap shoes

Inter Ballet and Tap
Purple leotard, pink tights, pink Ballet shoes/black Tap shoes, optional black shorts and dance cardigan, lack leggings for Acro and Lyrical

Black leotard, pink tights, pink Ballet shoes/black Tap shoes, optional black shorts and dance cardigan

Street Dance/Musical Theatre
Rhythm in Movement t-shirt, black leggings or shorts, black jazz shoes, (inters) black jazz sneakers (tots) black ballet shoes

Rhythm in Movement purple t-shirt, Cheer Bow, Black shorts, trainers 

Purple leotard and purple leggings

Rhythm in Movement Grey T-shirt, Black joggers or shorts, appropriate shoes

Book a Taster

I give permission
I do not give permission
To complete your taster booking please pay the £5 session fee on the above paypal link.

Please remember to inform the teacher in charge immediately of any change to your/your child’s medical conditions or contact details change. As with any physical activity, you should be confident on your ability to take part without detriment to your health. Participants taking part in any classes or events run by Rhythm in Movement Dance Company do so at their own risk, we will not accept responsibility for any accidental injury. 

Occasionally, Alex may take photographs and footage of classes for publicity purposes which may include our website/Facebook/Twitter. We require your permission to use images and footage of you or your child. These images will be used appropriately and responsibly by Rhythm in Movement and stored as confidential information. 

If you have any more questions please do not hesitate to get in contact.

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